Looking for information about sustainable seafood, fisheries and aquaculture to use with your students? Here are some additional educational resources to help inform your classroom curriculum and activities.

Aquaculture In The Classroom

Provided by the University of Arizona, this website provides an overview of aquaculture operations, an understanding of water quality and links to other resources.

Aquatic Resources Education Association

An association of state, federal, industry, fisheries and educational professionals involved in aquatic resource education programs.

Decline in Saltwater Fish Populations, 9-12

This is one of 30 lessons from the NSTA Press book, Scientific Argumentation in Biology. It engages students in the questions: Is our saltwater fish population declining? If so, what policies would be most effective in slowing that decline? Authors Victor Sampson and Sarah Schleigh point out that the answers to these questions are complex and may vary by geographical location.


A searchable database of fish from around the world, which can be searched by common name.

Fish & Kids

The Marine Stewardship Council created Fish & Kids to provide educational materials and activities for young children, teachers, parents and caterers relating to the importance of choosing sustainable seafood.

Guide to Fisheries Education Resources for Grades K-12

This guide from the American Fisheries Society is designed for teachers interested in developing programs about fishing and fish management issues.

Marine Activities, Resources and Education

MARE is a K-8, inquiry-based science program that transforms elementary and middle schools into laboratories for the exploration of the ocean.

Marine Fisheries & Aquaculture Series

These classroom activity guides are designed for grades 6-12 by PBS and KQED to address fishing issues. This includes Fishing for the Future, an activity that involves using straws to fish for candy to illustrate overfishing.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Classroom Resources

Classroom and teacher resources from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

National Geographic Education: Fisheries Sustainability

Students identify the issues and terminology related to fisheries sustainability and explore the impacts those issues have on specific United States fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries Education

NOAA Fisheries' Education Program works with experts and partner organizations to develop and distribute high quality, science-based materials and activities for students and teachers interested in exploring the science behind marine resource management and conservation.

NOAA: Game of Life

In this classroom activity, students are given cards representing different fish species. A ball is tossed around and "fish" that touch the ball are "caught" and sit out. Scenarios are introduced (e.g., toxic event, disease, etc.) and discussion ensues as to how this may simulate a fishing scenario.