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The Seafood Watch Widget puts the most up-to-date seafood recommendations from our popular Seafood Watch program right at your fingertips, in an environmentally friendly, paperless format. Simply download and install on your website, blog, Facebook page or desktop—it’s free! Our widget makes it easy to spread the word about ocean-friendly seafood that's good for you, and good for the oceans.

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  • Provides free, up-to-date regional recommendations with detailed seafood information.
  • Detects your IP address to automatically load the right guide for your location.
  • Enables you to search for seafood quickly and easily.
  • Displays "Best Choice," "Good Alternative" and "Avoid" seafood recommendations.
  • Includes all of our seafood recommendations, with a separate sushi guide.
  • Updates occur multiple times per year and require no action from you.
  • Includes a video and information about how the Seafood Watch program is helping consumers and business make choices for healthy oceans.

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