We’re proud to work with restaurants, retailers, seafood suppliers, conservation organizations, governments and scientific experts from around the world. These industry leaders are building awareness about ocean-friendly seafood choices, transforming the industry and protecting critical ocean resources.

Seafood dish at Montrio Bistro Restaurant, Monterey, CA


We work with some of the largest restaurants, retailers and seafood suppliers in the U.S. to promote more environmentally sustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations — leveraging the industry to drive improvement.

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Seafood Watch fisheries staff visiting Vietnam and Myanmar.

Global Projects

Since 2013, we have expanded our reach to work with all levels of the seafood supply chain — from small-scale farmers to large-scale producers, governments and seafood buyers. Together we're creating a path to sustainability tailored to individual industries and regions.

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Conservation Partners

Over 200 mission-aligned organizations from around the world, including zoos, aquariums, science museums and more, have joined us as Conservation Partners since 2002. These partners promote sustainable seafood — and the Seafood Watch program — in their exhibits, feeding programs and public events.

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Nonprofit Organizations

We collaborate with numerous nonprofit and eco-certification organizations with a shared mission to improve the sustainability of the seafood industry and ensure a future with a healthy ocean.

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Chef Nathan Lyon presenting a cooking demonstration at the october 2015 Cooking for Solutions afternoon event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Blue Ribbon Task Force Chefs

Through the Blue Ribbon Task Force we work with prominent chefs and culinary leaders to spread awareness of sustainable seafood and support the advocacy efforts of the wider culinary community.

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Multistakeholder Group Meeting 2020 atop the Bechtel Education Center.

Global Experts

Scientific and industry experts from around the globe are key contributors to our standards development and approval process. We are proud to collaborate with these expert groups. We also collaborate with experts to address additional areas of concern within the seafood industry including human rights violations and carbon emissions.

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