MSG members voting at 2020 meeting
We are proud to collaborate with scientific and industry experts from around the globe who are key contributors to our standards development and approval process.

Multi-stakeholder Group

Established in 2015, the Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) is the primary approval body for revisions to our standards. The MSG also provides advice during the standards review process and on other matters related to Seafood Watch’s work. MSG members serve two-year terms and represent one of the following seven stakeholder groups:

Types of Groups

  • Organizations focused on improving fisheries or aquaculture management, including those working on improvement projects
  • International ratings system organizations, including those that use our recommendations in their work
  • Non-governmental organizations working on fisheries and aquaculture policy
  • Auditors and other on-the-ground experts
  • Academics
  • Businesses that buy and sell seafood
  • Seafood producers

Current members

  • Christine Absil, Good Fish Foundation
  • Simon Bush, Wageningen University
  • Guy Dean, Organic Ocean
  • Bill DiMento, High Liner Foods
  • Tim Fitzgerald, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Rebecca Goldburg, Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Tom Kraft, Norpac Fisheries Export
  • Hawis Madduppa, Bogor Agricultural University
  • Tooni Mahto, Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • Dave Martin, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
  • Darian McBain, Thai Union
  • Fiorenza Micheli, Stanford University, Center for Ocean Solutions
  • Cormac O'Sullivan, SGS Ireland Limited
  • Carmen Revenga, The Nature Conservancy

Technical Advisory Committees

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) were also established in 2015. TAC members are the primary subject-matter experts during our standards review process. The TACs' advice is shared with the MSG to ensure our standards are robust and reflect the latest developments in fisheries and aquaculture science and management. Members serve two-year terms and are highly qualified to deliberate more technical matters, which may or may not be brought up in the public consultations.

Current Aquaculture TAC members

  • Rick Barrows, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Dave Bengtson, University of Rhode Island
  • Ram Bhujel, Asian Institute of Technology
  • Peter Bridson, Seagreen Research
  • Thierry Chopin, University of New Brunswick
  • Kevin Fitzsimmons, University of Arizona
  • Dane Klinger, Conservation International
  • Dave Little, University of Stirling
  • Michèle Stark, Seafood Advisory
  • Kathrin Steinberg, Aquaculture Stewardship Council
  • Albert Tacon, Aquatic Farms Ltd.
  • Alfredo Tello, Camanchaca
  • Harry Yuli, PT ATINA

Current Fisheries TAC members

  • Megan Atcheson, Marine Stewardship Council
  • Loo Botsford, University of California Davis
  • Andre Boustany, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Larry Crowder, Center for Ocean Solutions
  • Larry Epstein, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Rod Fujita, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Juliana Herrera, Fair Trade USA
  • Michael Melnychuk, University of Washington
  • Robin Pelc, California State University Monterey Bay
  • Megsie Siple, Independent Researcher
  • Scott Wallace, David Suzuki Foundation

Expert Working Groups and Other Advisors

Expert working groups (EWGs) are formed to debate specific issues that are being considered during our standards review process. Members have significant professional knowledge and experience in the matters they deliberate. EWG members may also serve on the MSG and TACs. We also consult other advisors with specialist knowledge when needed.

Aquaculture Governance Performance Framework Working Group

  • Ben Belton, Michigan State University
  • Simon Bush, Wageningen University
  • Flavio Corsin, IDH
  • Kevin Fitzsimmons, University of Arizona
  • Dave Little, University of Stirling
  • Josh Madeira, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Cormac O’Sullivan, SGS Global
  • Michèle Stark, Seafood Advisory Ltd.
  • Jan van Tatenhove, Wageningen University
  • Hilde Toonen, Wageningen University

Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Working Group

  • Francisco Chavez, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • Tim Essington, University of Washington
  • Alec MacCall, National Marine Fisheries Service (Retired)
  • Lisa Max, Seafood Watch (leader)
  • Emily McGregor, Marine Stewardship Council
  • Dan Okamoto, Simon Frasier University
  • Ellen Pikitch, Stony Brook University
  • Megsie Siple, University of Washington

Fisheries Data-Limited Working Group

  • Ashley Apel, Fair Trade USA
  • Loo Botsford, University of California Davis
  • Marjolaine Caillat, San Francisco State University
  • Rod Fujita, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Matt Gummery, Marine Stewardship Council
  • Adrian Hordyk, University of British Columbia
  • Katie Longo, Marine Stewardship Council
  • Ivan Martinez Tovar, Ocean Outcomes
  • Lisa Max, Seafood Watch (leader)
  • Jono Wilson, The Nature Conservancy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Working Group

  • Pete Bridson, Seagreen Research
  • Elliott Campbell, University of California Merced
  • Rebecca Gentry, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Chris Glass, University of New Hampshire
  • Martin Hall, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
  • Patrik Henriksson, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
  • Sara Hornberg, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
  • Lisa Max, Seafood Watch (co-leader)
  • Brandi McKuin, University of California Merced
  • Michèle Stark, Seafood Advisory Ltd.
  • Peter Tyedmers, Dalhousie University (co-leader)
  • Friederike Ziegler, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Other expert advisors

  • Blake Lee-Harwood, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
  • Le Thanh Luu, International Collaborating Center for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability
  • Tim Moore, Resonance Global/ASIC
  • Corey Peet, Postelsia
  • Birgitte Poulsen, Independent Social Development Specialist
  • Nick Sterling, Sterling Consulting
  • Cu Thi Le Thuy, Accreditation Services International
  • Songlin Wang, Ocean Outcomes

Salmon Fisheries Standard Working Group

  • Richard Beamish, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada (Retired)
  • Stuart Ellis, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
  • Rich Lincoln, Ocean Outcomes
  • Nicole Portley, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
  • Jeff Regnart, Alaska RFM Fisheries Consultant
  • Greg Ruggerone, Natural Resource Consultants
  • Robin Waples, NOAA
  • Sam Wilding, Seafood Watch (leader)
  • Jeffery Young, David Suzuki Foundation