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Choosing sustainable seafood is one of the most powerful things you can do to support a healthy ocean. We provide information and resources so your business can protect our ocean and ensure a long-term supply of seafood.

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“Do you serve sustainable seafood?”

How often do your customers ask whether you carry sustainable seafood? In recent years, the demand for environmentally responsible seafood products has increased and as a business that buys and sells seafood you need to offer sustainable products to meet this demand. Below is a quick overview of how you can transition to serving sustainable seafood.
  • Offer a sustainable option to your customers

    Start by committing to sell one item from the Best Choice list to give customers a sustainable option. Seafood Watch's Best Choice list includes hundreds of green-rated products that businesses can feel confident in offering their customers.
  • Get to know your current seafood products

    Seafood products are caught and farmed using different methods around the world—with varying environmental impacts. Learn more about the sustainability of the products you are currently selling.
  • Remove any seafood items on the Avoid list

    Do you have any items with one of our Avoid ratings on your menu? If so, make a plan to remove them. Use the Seafood Watch recommendations to see if there is a better option.
  • Spread the word

    Market your new sustainable offerings to your customers on your website and social media channels. Also, talk to businesses you work with to share—and receive—tips on what they're doing to spread the word.
  • Train your staff

    Communicating with your staff about the changes you are making is an important step. Be sure to educate your staff so they can answer customer questions.
  • Commit to serving only responsible seafood

    Now you’re ready for a comprehensive sustainability plan and commitment that makes sense for your business. Be specific and clear about what your goals are and what is covered by your commitment. This will help you and your customers know what you are working towards.

Tools for Businesses

Below are some additional tools you can use to reach your seafood sustainability goals.
Icon of a FishChoice assessment

Seafood Assessment is a free, online platform that allows businesses to create a personalized dashboard to track and manage seafood sustainability information. Businesses can self-assess their seafood by creating product lists through an online form and then running an assessment that reports up-to-date sustainability information for each item.
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Consumer guides

Consumer Guides

Our printable guides are broken down by region so people can find sustainable seafood wherever they live or travel. Seafood Watch offers co-branding opportunities on these guides that you can include at your host stand, waiting area or reception area (pricing may vary).

Complete Recommendation List (PDF)

This list, updated monthly, is for seafood professionals who need a reference tool with all of our Seafood Watch recommendations in one place.
Person signing a letter

Sustainable Seafood Request Letter (DOCX)

Modify this sample letter to let your suppliers know you'd like them to identify environmentally responsible seafood options.

Screenshot of the Seafood Watch Cafe interactive

Seafood Watch Cafe Interactive

By popular demand, we created Seafood Watch Cafe, a web-based interactive that features a humorous chef who describes the pros and cons of eating various types of seafood! The main message is that some seafood choices have hidden environmental costs. Presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese, it is similar to a menu so that users can select the seafood they're interested in learning about. You can use this interactive as an educational tool for your staff or patrons!