Chefs, culinary educators and writers have helped highlight the seafood industry’s best practices and the most sustainable seafood by actively promoting Seafood Watch Best Choices on their menus, in their classroom, in their cookbooks and on social media.

The culinary community has an important role to play in transforming the seafood industry, as they can both shape consumers' preferences and influence how producers raise and catch fish.

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In the Kitchen

By sourcing ocean-friendly seafood for their menus, chefs directly influence the seafood supply chain and how seafood items are caught or farmed. Asking questions about origin, catch or farming method, further influences seafood suppliers and producers — which increases transparency, improves practices and drives the supply chain toward high-quality, sustainable products.

Chefs are instrumental in helping consumers understand that their choices matter. Around the country, chefs are offering sustainable menu options and hosting chef-led events and cooking demonstrations. These actions help consumers understand the importance of making sustainable choices, while also tasting unfamiliar, underutilized species and discovering how delicious sustainable seafood can be.

Susan Feniger, Sheila Lucero and Stephen Phelps in Washington DC meeting with federal representatives supporting fisheries management.

Beyond the Kitchen

The culinary community has influence far beyond the kitchen. As media favorites on social media, television and magazines, chefs are raising awareness about sustainable seafood in a variety of ways. Telling the story behind a favorite seafood item, sharing cooking tips for a signature recipe, posting mouth-watering photos, visiting an aquaculture facility or taking a fishing trip are all ways chefs can uniquely contribute their voice.

The culinary community can also advocate for better food systems. When speaking up on regional and national issues, this group is considered a trusted voice by consumers and policymakers alike. Seafood Watch’s Blue Ribbon Task Force — a group of prominent culinary leaders — has been working with Seafood Watch to ensure a future with a healthy ocean.

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The culinary community plays an important role in the sustainable seafood movement. These Blue Ribbon Task Force members were selected for their leadership roles and their commitments to sustainable seafood and a healthy, wild ocean.
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