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Make Smart Choices with Samuels and Son Seafood

This large East Coast seafood supplier puts sustainability at the forefront of its business philosophy. It provides detailed information for each and every seafood product it sells, helping restaurants and consumers understand the environmental impacts associated with the seafood they purchase. Seafood Watch is pleased to continue our partnership with Samuels and Son Seafood.

New and Updated Recommendations—June 2017

This month we bring you new recommendations for mullet and shrimp.

Enjoy Eating Sustainably with Our Partner, The Plant Cafe Organic

This California cafe with several Bay Area locations serves wild-caught, sustainable seafood; free-range organic poultry; and local, organic produce to help its customers make healthy choices that also promote the well-being of the planet. Even its locations are designed and built using green materials, highlighting this Seafood Watch partner's overall commitment to sustainability.

Add Seafood to Your Salad with Our New Partner Chopt

Chopt procures the very best ingredients for its fresh, creative salads and now its menu includes sustainable seafood. This fast-casual chain with over 40 restaurants up and down the East Coast sources wild-caught, domestic shrimp from Sea to Table, a distributor and fellow Seafood Watch partner. We're excited to welcome Chopt to our ever-growing list of partners.

New and Updated Recommendations—May 2017

This month we bring you new and updated recommendations for amberjack, grouper, scallop, steelhead and tilapia.

New and Updated Recommendations—April 2017

This month we bring you new and updated recommendations for opah, prawn, shark, shrimp, swordfish, tilapia, triggerfish and tuna.

White House Honors Sustainable Seafood Champions

The White House recently named 12 "Champions of Change for Sustainable Seafood" in recognition of citizens who work tirelessly to support the economic and ecological viability of our nation's fisheries. At the celebration, five members of Seafood Watch's own Blue Ribbon Task Force fueled the group, cooking up seafood favorites from sustainable fisheries across the United States—and a delicious time was had by all.

2017 New Consumer Guides Now Available

Our classic, pocket-sized guides have been updated with our latest recommendations for January through June 2017 and are now available! Pick up a new consumer guide when visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium or any one of our Seafood Watch conservation partners, or download a new guide online so you can keep recommendations handy—and make better choices for a healthy ocean.

Seafood Watch is Helping Shrimp Farmers in Southeast Asia

Seafood Watch recently worked with businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations throughout Southeast Asia to develop the Southeast Asia Shrimp Aquaculture Improvement Protocol, known as SEASAIP. It helps shrimp farmers improve their practices in order to achieve the "Good Alternative" or "Best Choice" recommendation levels. We're now working with the Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) to implement these SEASAIP standards, with the goal of improving shrimp aquaculture practices that will give better-performing farmers access to the North American marketplace.

Chef Rick Moonen on the Importance of Sustainable Seafood

Rick Moonen, celebrity chef and a member of our Blue Ribbon Task Force, talks about his commitment to serving sustainable seafood and why it matters for the ocean. Chef Rick and the entire culinary community play an important role in the sustainable seafood movement, pushing producers for quality, environmentally friendly products while working to spread awareness to customers, colleagues and policymakers.

Download Our Seafood Watch App

The Seafood Watch app makes it easier than ever to get the latest recommendations for seafood and sushi, learn more about the seafood you eat, and locate or share businesses that serve sustainable seafood. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Seafood Watch Addresses Human Rights in the Seafood Industry

At Seafood Watch, we're aware that human rights abuses are occurring in supply chains around the world, including the seafood industry. Although our scientific assessments don't incorporate social issues, we feel it's important to acknowledge these abuses. We've put together a list of nonprofit organizations working on these issues so that you as consumers can learn about their work and find information to help you make sustainable seafood choices that are right for you.