Buyer's Guide

This chart was created for chefs, suppliers & other seafood professionals who need a reference tool with our Seafood Watch recommendations in one place.

Our Seafood Watch regional guides contain the latest information on sustainable seafood choices available in different regions of the U.S. Our "Best Choices" are abundant, well managed and fished or farmed in environmentally friendly ways. Seafood to "Avoid" are overfished and/or fished or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment. You can view the guides online or download a pocket-size version.

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Abalone (Worldwide, Contained Production Systems Test)
Arctic Char (U.S., Canada, Norway, Iceland, Farmed in Recirculating Systems)
Barramundi (U.S., Farmed in Recirculating Systems)
Bass, Largemouth (U.S. Farmed)
Black Sea Bass (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Bluefish (U.S. Atlantic Handline)
Branzino (Nova Scotia, Canada, Farmed in Tank Systems)
Capelin (Iceland, Wild)
Catfish (U.S. Farmed)
Caviar, White Sturgeon (Alberta, Canada, Farmed in Tank Systems)
Chilean Seabass (Heard and McDonald Islands, Falkland Islands, Macquarie Island, Longline)
Clams (Worldwide, Farmed)
Clams, Hard (Massachusetts, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia, Rakes and Shovels)
Clams, Pacific Razor (Washington, Oregon, Quinault Nation; Hand Harvested)
Clams, Softshell/Steamers (Maine, Massachusetts, Rakes and Shovels)
Cobia (U.S. Farmed)
Cod, Atlantic (Handline from Iceland and Northeast Arctic (by Norway, Russia))
Cod, Pacific (U.S. Bottom Longline, Handline and Trap)
Crab, Blue (Chesapeake Bay Trotline)
Crab, Dungeness (California, Oregon and Washington, Trap)
Crab, Kona (Australia, Wild)
Crab, Snow (Eastern Bering Sea, U.S., Trap, Pot)
Crab, Snow (Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada, Pot, Trap)
Crab, Stone (U.S. Atlantic, U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild)
Crawfish/Crayfish (U.S. Farmed)
Croaker, Atlantic (U.S. Seine Net)
Drum, Red (U.S. Farmed)
Geoduck (Canadian Pacific, Washington Farmed)
Geoduck (Canadian Pacific, Washington, Wild)
Gilthead Sea Bream (Nova Scotia, Canada , Farmed in Tank Systems)
Halibut, California (U.S. Pacific, Handline)
Halibut, Pacific (U.S. Wild)
Hybrid Striped Bass (U.S. Farmed)
Lobster, California Spiny (Mexico Traps)
Lobster,Caribbean Spiny (Mexico Diver-Caught)
Mackerel, Atlantic (U.S. Purse Seine)
Mackerel, Atlantic (Canada, Purse Seine)
Mackerel, King (Wild from U.S. Atlantic and U.S. Gulf of Mexico)
Mackerel, Spanish (Wild from U.S. Atlantic and U.S. Gulf of Mexico)
Mahi Mahi (U.S. Atlantic Troll, Pole)
Mullet, Striped ( U.S. Atlantic, U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild)
Mussels (Worldwide, Farmed)
Oysters (Worldwide, Farmed)
Oysters (U.S. Gulf of Mexico Wild)
Perch, Yellow (Lake Erie, Wild)
Perch, Yellow (U.S. Farmed in Tank Systems)
Pollock, Atlantic (Gillnet and Purse Seine from Norway)
Pompano (U.S. Farmed)
Prawn, Freshwater (U.S. Farmed)
Prawn, Spot (Canadian Pacific, Wild)
Rockfish, Black (Handline from California, Oregon and Washington)
Sablefish/Black Cod (Alaska and Canadian Pacific, Wild)
Salmon (Drift Gillnet, Purse Seine and Troll, from Alaska)
Salmon (Fraser River, Reefnet)
Salmon Roe (Drift Gillnet, Purse Seine and Troll, from Alaska)
Salmon, Coho (U.S. Farmed in Tank Systems)
Sardines, Pacific (Canada, U.S., Purse Seine)
Scad, Big-eye (Hawaii, Wild)
Scad, Mackerel (Hawaii, Wild)
Scallops (Worldwide, Farmed)
Scallops, Pink (Canadian Pacific, Butterfly Trawl)
Scallops, Sea (Diver-caught in Laguna Ojo de Liebre and Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico)
Scallops, Spiny (Canadian Pacific, Butterfly Trawl)
Scallops, Weathervane (Alaska, Dredged)
Sea Urchin Roe (Canada, Wild)
Seatrout, Spotted ( Wild from Florida and Louisiana)
Shrimp (U.S. Farmed in Fully Recirculating Systems or Inland Ponds)
Shrimp, Black Tiger (Southeast Asia, Selva Shrimp (R) Verified Farms)
Shrimp, Pink (Oregon, Wild)
Striped Bass (U.S. Atlantic, Handline)
Sturgeon, White (Canadian Pacific, Farmed in Tank Systems)
Swordfish (Harpoon and Handline from Hawaii)
Swordfish (Harpoon and Handline-caught from Canada, the U.S., North Atlantic and East Pacific)
Tilapia (U.S. Farmed in Closed Recirculating Systems)
Tilapia (Ecuador, Farmed in Ponds)
Tilapia (Alberta, Canada, Farmed in Tank Systems)
Trout, Rainbow/Steelhead (U.S. Farmed)
Tuna, Albacore (Troll/Pole from the Canadian and U.S. Pacific)
Tuna, Albacore ("White" Canned) (Troll/Pole from the Canadian and U.S. Pacific)
Tuna, Bigeye (Troll/Pole from the U.S. Atlantic)
Tuna, Skipjack (Worldwide, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Skipjack (Worldwide, Purse-seine FAD-free)
Tuna, Skipjack ("Light" Canned) (Worldwide Purse Seine FAD-Free)
Tuna, Skipjack ("Light" Canned) (Worldwide, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Yellowfin (Troll/Pole from the Pacific and U.S. Atlantic)
White Seabass (U.S. Handline)
Whitefish, Lake (Wild from Lake Huron and Lake Superior)
Whitefish, Lake (Trap-net from Lake Michigan)
Wreckfish (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Yellowtail, California (U.S. Handline)
Yellowtail, California (Isla Natividad Mexico, Handline)
Alfonsino (New Zealand, Midwater Trawl)
Amberjack, Greater (U.S. South Atlantic, Handline)
Anchovy (Wild MSC Certified)
Anchovy, European (Adriatic Sea, Wild)
Barramundi (Australia, Farmed in Fully Recirculating Systems)
Basa (Imported, Farmed)
Bass (Wild MSC Certified)
Black Drum (Trotline from U.S. Gulf of Mexico)
Bluefish (U.S. Atlantic, Bottom gillnet, Bottom trawl)
Bluenose (Southern Pacific, Wild)
California Spiny Lobster (California Traps)
Capelin (Canada, Wild)
Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Florida Traps)
Carp (Naturland Certified Farmed)
Caviar, Sturgeon (U.S. Farmed)
Chilean Seabass (South Georgia, Kerguelen Islands, Longline)
Chilean Seabass (Ross Sea, Longline)
Chilean Seabass (Wild MSC Certified)
Clams (Wild MSC Certified)
Clams (ASC Certified Farmed)
Clams (Canadian Organic Certified Farmed)
Clams, Atlantic Surf (U.S. Atlantic, Clam Dredge)
Clams, Ocean Quahog (U.S. Atlantic, Clam Dredge)
Cod (Wild MSC Certified)
Cod, Atlantic (U.S. Atlantic Georges Bank Handline)
Cod, Atlantic (Canadian Handline (excluding Georges Bank))
Cod, Atlantic (Bottom Gillnet, Bottom Longline, Bottom Trawl and Danish Seine from Iceland and Northeast Arctic)
Cod, Pacific (U.S. Trawl)
Crab (Wild MSC Certified)
Crab, Blue (U.S. Pot)
Crab, Dungeness (Alaska, Trap)
Crab, Imitation (Alaska Pollock) (Alaska, Wild)
Crab, Imitation (not Alaska Pollock) (Worldwide, Wild)
Crab, Jonah (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Crab, King (U.S. Trap)
Crab, King Southern (Argentina, Trap)
Crab, Kona (Hawaii, Wild)
Crab, Snow (Eastern Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Pot, Trap)
Crawfish/Crayfish (Louisana Wild)
Croaker, Atlantic (U.S. Gillnet, Pound net, Trawl)
Dogfish, Spiny (Canadian Pacific, Bottom Longline)
Flounder (Wild from U.S. Pacific)
Flounder (Wild MSC Certified)
Flounder, Summer (U.S. Atlantic Bottom Trawl)
Flounder, Windowpane (U.S. Southern New England, U.S. Mid-Atlantic, Bottom Trawl)
Flounder, Winter (U.S. Atlantic Wild)
Flounder, Yellowtail (U.S. Southern New England, U.S. Mid-Atlantic, Bottom Trawl)
Geoduck (Canadian Organic Certified Farmed)
Grouper, Black, Red (U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild)
Grouper, Hawaiian (Hawaii, Handline)
Haddock (U.S. Georges Bank Wild)
Haddock (Iceland Atlantic, Wild)
Haddock (Bottom Trawl from Canadian Atlantic)
Haddock (Wild MSC Certified)
Hake (Wild MSC Certified)
Hake, Offshore, Red and Silver (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Hake, White (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Halibut (Wild MSC Certified)
Halibut, Atlantic (Nova Scotia, Canada, Farmed in Tank Systems)
Halibut, California (U.S. Pacific, Bottom Trawl and Set Gillnet)
Herring (Wild MSC Certified)
Herring, Atlantic (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Herring, Lake (Lake Superior, Wild)
Hoki (Wild MSC Certified)
Icefish (Wild MSC Certified)
Krill (Wild MSC Certified)
Lingcod (U.S., Canada, Wild)
Lobster (Wild MSC Certified)
Lobster, American (U.S. Gulf of Maine, U.S. Georges Bank, Trap, Pot)
Lobster, Caribbean Spiny (Bahamas Diver-caught, Traps)
Mackerel, Atlantic (U.S. Midwater and Bottom Trawl)
Mahi Mahi (U.S. Longline)
Mahi Mahi (Hawaii Troll, Pole)
Mahi Mahi (Ecuador Longline)
Marlin, Blue (Hawaii, Wild)
Milkfish (Naturland Certified Farmed)
Monkfish (U.S. Atlantic, Bottom Trawl and Bottom Gillnet)
Monkfish Liver (U.S. Atlantic, Bottom Trawl and Bottom Gillnet)
Mullet (Wild MSC Certified)
Mulloway (Wild MSC Certified)
Mussels (Wild MSC Certified)
Mussels (Naturland Certified Farmed)
Mussels (Canadian Organic Certified Farmed)
Mussels (ASC Certified Farmed)
Mussels (Friends of the Sea Certified Farmed)
Mussels (Global Aquaculture Alliance BAP Certified farmed)
New Zealand Tai Snapper (New Zealand, Bottom Longline)
Octopus (Gulf of California Wild)
Octopus, Common/Sushi (Spain, Wild)
Octopus, Day (Hawaii, Wild)
Octopus, Night (Hawaii, Wild)
Opah (Hawaii, Longline)
Oysters (Wild MSC Certified)
Oysters (Canadian Organic Certified Farmed)
Oysters (ASC Certified Farmed)
Pangasius (ASC Certified farmed)
Pangasius (Naturland Certified Farmed)
Pangasius (Imported, Farmed)
Perch (Wild MSC Certified)
Perch, Yellow (Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, Wild)
Plaice (Wild MSC Certified)
Plaice, Alaska (Wild from Canada and U.S. Pacific)
Plaice, American (U.S. Atlantic Bottom Trawl)
Plaice, European (Danish seine and Bottom Trawl from Iceland)
Pollock (Wild MSC Certified)
Pollock, Alaska (Alaska, Wild)
Pollock, Atlantic (Danish Seine, Trawl from Norway)
Pollock, Atlantic (Iceland, Set Gillnet)
Pollock, Atlantic (Canada Wild)
Pollock, Atlantic (U.S. Atlantic Wild)
Pomfret (Hawaii, Longline)
Pompano, Florida (U.S. Wild)
Prawn, Spot (U.S. Pacific)
Red Porgy (U.S. Wild)
Rockfish (Handline from the Pacific)
Sablefish (Wild MSC Certified)
Sablefish/Black Cod (California, Oregon and Washington, Wild)
Salmon (Wild MSC Certified)
Salmon (Fraser River, Reefnet)
Salmon (Drift Gillnet, Purse Seine and Troll from California, Oregon and Washington)
Salmon, Atlantic: Verlasso (R) (Farmed, Chile)
Salmon, Coho (Canadian Pacific, Wild)
Sanddabs, Pacific (U.S. Wild)
Sardines (Wild MSC Certified)
Scallops (Wild MSC Certified)
Scallops (ASC Certified Farmed)
Scallops, Bay (Diver-caught in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico)
Scallops, Sea (Diver-caught in Sechura Bay, Peru)
Scallops, Sea (Canadian Atlantic, Wild)
Scallops, Sea (U.S. Atlantic, Dredged)
Scup (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Sea Urchin Roe (California, Wild)
Seabass, White (U.S., Gillnet)
Seatrout, Spotted (Wild from Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia)
Shark, Common Thresher (California and Hawaii, Wild)
Shark, Shortfin Mako (California and Hawaii, Wild)
Shrimp (Thailand, Farmed in Fully Recirculating Systems)
Shrimp (Wild MSC Certified)
Shrimp (U.S. Gulf of Mexico except Louisiana, U.S. South Atlantic, Otter Trawl)
Shrimp (U.S. Farmed in Open Systems)
Shrimp (Naturland Certified Farmed)
Shrimp (ASC Certified Farmed)
Shrimp (Farmed, Global Aquaculture Alliance BAP Certified)
Shrimp, Northern (U.S. and Canadian Atlantic, Wild)
Smelt (Wild MSC Certified)
Smelt, Rainbow (Wild from Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie)
Snapper, Gray (Hawaii, Wild)
Snapper, Pink (Hawaii, Handline)
Snapper, Red (U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild)
Snapper, Ruby/Long-tail Red (Hawaii, Handline)
Snapper, Short-tail Red (Hawaii, Handline)
Snapper, Silk (Wild from U.S. Caribbean, U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic)
Snapper, Vermilion (U.S. Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Wild)
Snapper, Yellowtail (Wild from U.S. Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic)
Sole (Wild from U.S. Pacific)
Sole (MSC Certified Wild)
Spearfish, Shortbill (Hawaii, Wild)
Spiny Dogfish (MSC Certified Wild)
Squid, Jumbo (Gulf of California, Wild)
Squid, Longfin (U.S. Atlantic, Trawl)
Squid, Market (California, Purse Seine)
Squid, Shortfin (U.S. Atlantic, Trawl)
Striped Bass (U.S. Atlantic, Gillnet and Pound Net)
Sturgeon (U.S. Farmed)
Sturgeon, Green (U.S., Wild)
Sturgeon, White (Wild from Oregon and Washington)
Swai (Imported, Farmed)
Swordfish (Drift Gillnet from California)
Swordfish (U.S. Longline)
Swordfish (MSC Certified Wild)
Tilapia (Taiwan Farmed in Ponds)
Tilapia (China, Farmed in Ponds)
Tilapia (Naturland Certified Farmed)
Tilefish, Golden (U.S. Mid-Atlantic, Wild)
Trevally/Jack (Hawaii, Wild)
Trout, Lake (Lake Huron and Lake Superior, Wild)
Tuna, Albacore (Hawaii, Longline)
Tuna, Albacore (MSC Certified Wild)
Tuna, Albacore (South Atlantic, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Albacore ("White" Canned) (Worldwide, Troll/Pole Except Canadian and U.S. Pacific)
Tuna, Bigeye (U.S. Atlantic, Longline)
Tuna, Bigeye (Worldwide, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Blackfin (Atlantic, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Skipjack (MSC Certified Wild)
Tuna, Skipjack (Longline from Hawaii and U.S. Atlantic)
Tuna, Tongol (Malaysia, Wild)
Tuna, Tongol (Worldwide, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Yellowfin (Longline from Hawaii and U.S. Atlantic)
Tuna, Yellowfin (Worldwide Except Pacific and U.S. Atlantic, Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Yellowfin (MSC Certified Wild)
Turbot, Greenland (U.S., Canadian Pacific, Wild)
Wahoo (U.S. Atlantic, Hawaii Troll, Pole)
Walleye (Lake Erie, Wild)
Whitefish, Lake ( Set Gillnet from Lake Michigan)
Whitefish, Lake (Lake Erie, Wild)
Whitefish, Round (Wild from Lake Huron, Lake Michigan)
Whiting (MSC Certified Wild)
Yellowtail, California (U.S. Gillnet)
Abalone (China, Japan, Sea Ranched)
Alfonsino (New Zealand, Midwater Trawl, Bottom Trawl (BXY3))
Anchovy, European (Black & Mediterranean Seas, Wild)
Barramundi (Indonesia, Wild)
Barramundi (Imported, Farmed in Open Systems)
Black Sea Bass (U.S. Mid-Atlantic (Maine to North Carolina), Wild; otter trawl)
Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Belize, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua Diver-caught, Traps)
Caviar, Paddlefish (U.S. Wild)
Caviar, Shovelnose Sturgeon (Mississippi River, Wild)
Caviar, Sturgeon (Imported, Wild)
Chilean Seabass (Chile, Crozet Islands, Prince Edward and Marion Islands, Longline)
Cobia (Imported, Farmed)
Cod, Atlantic (Canadian Atlantic Bottom Trawl)
Cod, Atlantic (U.S. Georges Bank Gillnet, Longline and Trawl)
Cod, Atlantic (U.S. Gulf of Maine Wild)
Cod, Atlantic (Canadian Georges Bank Wild)
Cod, Pacific (Russian and Japanese Pacific, Wild)
Conch, Queen (Worldwide, Wild)
Corvina, Gulf (Gulf of California, Wild)
Crab, King Red (Russia, Trap)
Crab, Swimmer, Blue (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines Pot, Bottom Gillnet, Bottom Trawl)
Crab, Swimmer, Red (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pot, Bottom Gillnet, Bottom Trawl)
Crawfish/Crayfish (China, Farmed)
Dab, Common (Danish Seine from Iceland)
Dogfish, Spiny (Wild from Canadian Atlantic and Washington)
Eel, Freshwater (Worldwide, Farmed)
Flounder, Windowpane (U.S. Georges Bank, U.S. Gulf of Maine, Bottom Trawl)
Flounder, Witch (U.S. Atlantic Bottom Trawl)
Flounder, Yellowtail (U.S. Georges Bank, U.S. Gulf of Maine, Bottom Trawl and Bottom Gillnet)
Grenadier (U.S. Pacific, Wild)
Grouper (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Grouper, Gag, Snowy, Warsaw, Yellowedge (U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild)
Haddock (U.S. Gulf of Maine Wild)
Halibut, Atlantic (U.S. Bottom Trawl)
Lobster, American (U.S. Southern New England, Trap, Pot)
Mahi Mahi (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru Longline)
Marlin, Blue (Imported, Longline)
Marlin, Striped (Worldwide, Wild)
New Zealand Tai Snapper (New Zealand, Danish Seine, Trawl)
Octopus (Philippines, Wild)
Octopus, Common/Sushi (Mauritania, Morocco and Vietnam, Wild)
Opah (Imported, Longline)
Orange Roughy (Worldwide, Wild)
Pollock, Atlantic (Danish Seine and Trawl from Iceland)
Pompano (China and Dominican Republic)
Rockfish (Pacific, Trawl)
Salmon, Atlantic (Worldwide Except U.S. Farmed in Tank Systems, Farmed including Atlantic)
Sardines, Atlantic (Black & Mediterranean Seas, Wild)
Sea Turtles (Gulf of California, Wild)
Sea Urchin Roe (Maine, Wild)
Shad, American (U.S. Atlantic, Gillnet)
Shark (Wild Worldwide, Except Common Thresher and Shortfin Mako, from California and Hawaii)
Shrimp (Imported, Farmed in Open Systems)
Shrimp (Mexico, Farmed in Open Systems)
Shrimp (U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Skimmer Trawl)
Shrimp (Mexico, Wild)
Shrimp, Louisiana (Louisiana, Wild)
Skates (U.S. Atlantic, Wild)
Smelt, Eulachon (Canadian Pacific, Conical, Seine)
Snapper, Red (U.S. South Atlantic, Wild)
Spearfish, Shortbill (Imported, Wild)
Squid, Indian (India, Thailand, Trawl)
Squid, Mitre (China, Thailand, Trawl)
Sturgeon (Imported, Wild)
Sturgeon, Shovelnose (Mississippi River, Wild)
Swordfish (Imported, Longline)
Tilefish, Blueline (U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic, Wild)
Tilefish, Golden (U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic, Wild)
Totoaba (Gulf of California, Wild)
Trout, Lake (Lake Michigan, Wild)
Tuna (Canned) (Worldwide, Wild Except Troll/Pole)
Tuna, Albacore (All Longline Except Hawaii)
Tuna, Albacore (North Atlantic, Wild)
Tuna, Bigeye (Worldwide Except U.S. Atlantic, Longline)
Tuna, Blackfin (Atlantic, Longline and Purse Seine)
Tuna, Bluefin (Worldwide, Wild)
Tuna, Bluefin (Worldwide, Ranched)
Tuna, Skipjack (Imported, Longline)
Tuna, Skipjack (Worldwide, Purse Seine)
Tuna, Tongol (Worldwide Except Malaysia, Gillnet and Purse Seine)
Tuna, Yellowfin (Worldwide Except Hawaii and U.S. Atlantic, Longline)
Tuna, Yellowfin (Worldwide, Purse Seine)
Weakfish (Wild from U.S. Atlantic)
Yellowtail (Australia, Farmed)
Yellowtail (Japan, Farmed)