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Pomfret Good Alternative: These are good alternatives to the best choices column. There are some concerns with how they are fished or farmed – or with the health of their habitats due to other human impacts. Lustrous & Sickle Pomfret, Monchong Hawaii Longline

Pomfret, Longline, Hawaii

Pomfret are not targeted by a specific commercial fishery. Instead, they are caught incidentally in fisheries targeting other species.


Pomfret is an open-ocean species that's widely distributed in the warm waters of the Pacific. It has a rounded shape, pointed fins and big scales. Pomfret weigh between four and 26 pounds, with fish over 12 pounds being of prime market size .

Pomfret is caught accidentally in longline fisheries targeting tuna, snapper and other species. There is considerable concern about the amount and type of accidental bycatch from longlining. Species caught as bycatch include sea turtles, seabirds, protected and endangered marine species, and other vulnerable fishes like sharks and rays. Managers and fishermen in the U.S. longline fleet have made great strides in reducing bycatch in recent years by changing regulations and modifying hooks. By contrast, handline gear results in low level of bycatch.

Very little is known about the pomfret's growth, reproduction or population status. As a result, managers don't know how it's withstanding current levels of fishing or if current population management practices are adequate. Pomfret is recommended as a "Good Alternative."

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