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Bass, Largemouth

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Largemouth Bass, Farmed, U.S.

Largemouth bass farmed in the U.S. is a "Best Choice" because the production in ponds with low water exchange presents few environmental threats.

Consumer Note

Largemouth bass is the most popular sport fish in North America and has been introduced into freshwater sport and "trophy" fishing lakes throughout the U. S.. Demand as a food fish has grown over the past ten years and is expected to continue to increase into the future.

These fish are usually sold whole and can be most readily found in urban Asian markets in major cities across North America. Largemouth bass is available year-round.


Largemouth bass farming in the U. S. occurs in ponds that have been converted from former pastures or croplands. Infrequent draining of ponds combined with effective pond management strategies minimizes the load of harmful effluent discharged to the surrounding environment, and there is low concern over disease transfer to wild fish.

The level of fishmeal and oil used in feeds is a moderate concern, and the widespread stocking of largemouth bass for sport fishing means that farm escapes are a low concern. With regulatory control and low application levels, chemical use is a low concern for largemouth bass farming in the U. S.. Additionally, all largemouth bass grown on farms are produced utilizing broodstock as opposed to wild capture; therefore these aquaculture practices do not deplete wild stocks.

Overall, largemouth bass farmed in ponds in the United States is a "Best Choice."

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