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Branzino Best Choice: These fish are abundant, well managed and fished or farmed in environmentally friendly ways. European & Mediterranean Seabass, Branzini, Loup de mer Nova Scotia, Canada Farmed in Tank Systems

Brazino, Farmed in Tank Systems, Nova Scotia, Canada

Branzino farmed in Canada in closed, 100% recirculating systems, is a "Best Choice."


Branzino is native to the East Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Consistently high demand in the market has lead to domestication for aquaculture production in a variety of systems in a number of countries.

In Nova Scotia, Branzino is farmed in a land-based farm "closed" from the surrounding environment, limiting the impact the operation has on local ecosystems. Risk of disease spreading, or escape of fish from the farm is minimized or eliminated. Water and effluent can be treated, and with minimum use of chemicals, the outputs from the farm can be minimized and even re-used as fertilizer.

By using feed ingredients that are not solely reliant on wild fish, there is also less impact to the environment.

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