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Wahoo Good Alternative: These are good alternatives to the best choices column. There are some concerns with how they are fished or farmed – or with the health of their habitats due to other human impacts. Ono, Ocean Barracuda, Pacific Kingfish Hawaii, U.S. Atlantic Troll, Pole

Wahoo, Troll, Pole, Hawaii & U.S. Atlantic

Wahoo grows and matures quickly, which may make it able to withstand concentrated fishing pressure. However, because populations haven't been adequately researched, it is difficult to know if it's being overfished. Because there are no other significant conservation concerns, wahoo is a "Good Alternative."

Consumer Note

Wahoo is available fresh or frozen as whole fish, fillets, steaks, and headed and gutted.

Health Alert

Environmental Defense Fund has issued a health advisory for wahoo due to high levels of mercury.


Wahoo lives in the open waters of tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide. US fishermen catch it primarily off Hawaii; perhaps 10 percent of domestic catch comes from Florida.

Very little information is known or collected about wahoo, making it difficult to assess whether it is being overfished. Wahoo is caught using handline gear. Using these fishing methods makes it easier for boats to avoid catching unwanted species, meaning bycatch is typically a low conservation concern.

The current lack of population research and management, coupled with the lack of other significant conservation concerns, make wahoo a "Good Alternative."

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