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New and Updated Recommendations—November 2014

Our new and updated Seafood Watch recommendations for November include farmed Atlantic salmon and farmed shrimp.

New and Updated Recommendations—September 2014

We're proud to announce more sustainable seafood options from the West Coast! Our new and updated Seafood Watch recommendations for September 2014 include cabezon, crab, dogfish, groundfish, grouper, grenadier, lingcod, lobster, Pacific cod, sablefish and skate. The most exciting news is that all groundfish caught in California, Oregon and Washington are now either a Seafood Watch "Good Alternative" or "Best Choice" thanks to continuing improvements in U.S.-managed fisheries.

New and Updated Recommendations—August 4, 2014

Seafood Watch recommends which seafood to buy or avoid. Following is our latest recommendation, released August 4, 2014.

New Consumer Guides Now Available

It's time to recycle your old consumer guide—our new guides for July through December 2014 are now available! You'll find new "Best Choice" shrimp and prawn options, more "Good Alternative" U.S. snapper options and the addition of sardines, canned crab and many more. These consumer guides are the classic, pocket-sized tools to help you search your favorite seafood and make smart choices for our oceans.

Seafood Watch Addresses Human Rights in the Seafood Industry

At Seafood Watch, we're aware that human rights abuses are occurring in supply chains around the world, including the seafood industry. Although our scientific assessments don't incorporate social issues, we feel it's important to acknowledge these abuses. We've put together a list of nonprofit organizations working on these issues so that you as consumers can learn about their work and find information to help you make sustainable seafood choices that are right for you.

SHEBA® Entrées Are a Purr-fect Fit for Seafood Watch

Cat lovers rejoice—you can now make sustainable choices for your pet! SHEBA® Entrées for Cats by Mars Petcare U.S. now follow our Seafood Watch recommendations, using only farmed or wild-caught fish from environmentally responsible sources.

Check Out Our Video about Making Better Seafood Choices

"Do you serve sustainable seafood?" By asking this simple but important question at your grocery store or restaurant, you can help shape the demand for, and ultimately supply of, fish that's been caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways. Consumers play an important role in shaping ocean health, so start making a difference today!