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Jimmy's Famous American Tavern Partners with Seafood Watch

Our newest partner is not only committed to serving sustainable seafood at all five of their southern California locations, but as a Green Certified Restaurant, they've also implemented several other sustainable practices—including only serving straws upon request, using water and utility saving equipment and techniques, and running a food composting program.

New and Updated Recommendations—December 2018

This month we bring you new recommendations for flounder, halibut and shrimp and updated recommendations for lobster and tilapia.

Pennington Marine Science Center Inspires Ocean Conservation

The Pennington Marine Science Center at Camp Emerald Bay engages students of all ages to foster a foundation of ocean stewardship. This new Conservation Partner on Catalina Island features a 6,000 gallon seawater system which supports 20 exhibits that showcase the unique life and habitats found in local waters. More than 8,000 students, parents, scouts, teachers and adult leaders immerse themselves in the center's activities every year and leave inspired to conserve marine ecosystems.

New and Updated Recommendations—November 2018

This month we bring you new recommendations for eel, grouper, paddlefish, sea urchin and squid. We're also releasing updated recommendations for grouper, paddlefish, sea urchin, snapper, squid and sturgeon.

Discover the Ocean with Blue Endeavors

Our new Conservation Partner, Blue Endeavors, is creating a passionate community committed to protecting the ocean. This San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit offers diver education programs, citizen science projects and community outreach in partnership with national and international conservation organizations. Through its work in high schools and the community, Blue Endeavors is training the next generation of underwater explorers and ocean advocates to engage in conservation projects that seek quantifiable solutions to the environmental crisis.

New and Updated Recommendations—October 2018

This month we bring you new recommendations for seabass and updated recommendations for amberjack and seabass.

A New Cookbook for the Modern, Sustainable Cook

In his new book, Simply Fish, San Francisco-based chef Matthew Dolan tackles the challenge of preparing delicious, sustainable seafood at home—starting with the conversation you need to have at the fish counter to make the right purchase. And his recipes are on point with elegant, mouth-watering dishes we all want to eat now—rosé-steamed clams anyone? Visit our Seafood Watch blog for a sneak peek of his tuna tartare recipe.

2018 New Consumer Guides Now Available

Our classic, pocket-sized guides have been updated with our latest recommendations for July through December 2018 and are now available! Pick up a new consumer guide when visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium or any one of our Seafood Watch conservation partners, or download a new guide online so you can keep recommendations handy—and make better choices for a healthy ocean.

Partner for the Ocean with Seafood Watch

Want to make a difference for the ocean but not sure where to begin? Get inspired by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Executive Chef Matt Beaudin. In this short video, Chef Matt shares his perspective on seafood sustainability, the relationships he's built, and the difference this approach has made in his community and for the ocean. See why your business should become a Seafood Watch business partner.

Seafood Watch is Helping Shrimp Farmers in Southeast Asia

Seafood Watch recently worked with businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations throughout Southeast Asia to develop the Southeast Asia Shrimp Aquaculture Improvement Protocol, known as SEASAIP. It helps shrimp farmers improve their practices in order to achieve the "Good Alternative" or "Best Choice" recommendation levels. We're now working with the Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) to implement these SEASAIP standards, with the goal of improving shrimp aquaculture practices that will give better-performing farmers access to the North American marketplace.

Download Our Seafood Watch App

The Seafood Watch app makes it easier than ever to get the latest recommendations for seafood and sushi, learn more about the seafood you eat, and locate or share businesses that serve sustainable seafood. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Seafood Watch Addresses Human Rights in the Seafood Industry

At Seafood Watch, we're aware that human rights abuses are occurring in supply chains around the world, including the seafood industry. Although our scientific assessments don't incorporate social issues, we feel it's important to acknowledge these abuses. We've put together a list of nonprofit organizations working on these issues so that you as consumers can learn about their work and find information to help you make sustainable seafood choices that are right for you.